Friday, 27 March 2015

LOWRY'S 'Coming From the Mill' (1930): a poem by The Mowdog...

Coming From the Mill (1930)

Lean, slumped and cramped, they bent
Into an imaginary Salford wind,
But in truth, it was the grime,
The monotony, the dull, smoky town
And a criminal lack of ambition
I discerned in each figure’s abject mind…

Huddled forlorn and addled, they stepped
Uncertainly, yet homeward, slinking,
But in fact, it was the time,
The melancholy, the foul, murky town
And a subliminal lack of elation
I perceived in each worker’s burdened thinking…

Pete Ray
March 2015

Travelled to Salford Quays to stay overnight and watch Barcelona’s match @ Manchester City. Looked at Lowry’s paintings and was taken by this particular exhibit...

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