Friday, 27 March 2015

CASA TOMADA: exhibition @ Salford Quays... Poem by The Mowdog...

Casa Tomada

They swim across the ceiling
And hang, precariously, from walls,
Almost a metre in length:
Two russet casts of skulls,
Joined by bands of cloth,
Impregnated by dust from mines, feeling
With twigs, gnarled as legs
And a countenance and a proliferation,
Which simply appals...

They lurk, dull and unappealing
And horrify, displaced upon walls,
Invoking immigration, it appears:
Or preservation of life, in death,
Bodies wrapped in strips of linen,
Impregnated by Dead Sea bitumen, sealing
With a conscience and such salvation
In Amun’s glorious halls…

Pete Ray
March 2015

The Columbian artist Rafael Gomezbarros’s exhibition at Salford Quays…
Giant ants invoked thoughts of life and death, displacement and immigration.

I was immediately reminded of ancient Egyptian mummies, by the strips of cloth on the creatures, hence the analogy.

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