Saturday, 21 December 2013


The Shallow End and the Deep End
It did what it does;
Relentlessly folding itself over and it railed,
Slapping the stones,
Sucking the shingle
But the sun shone
And the steady to slate-grey to blue tide prevailed
In the shallow end, not the deep end…
It does what it wants;
Callously rearing itself up then it crashes,
Bruising the stones,
Beating the shingle
But the gale rips
And the streaming bleak-green to white surf slashes
At the deep end, not the shallow end... 

What a difference 24 hours make…
A pleasant Tuesday, sun, barely any wind and a manageable tide on Mousehole’s beach.
A wild, rain-drenched Wednesday saw huge pillars of surf rising and crashing down upon the same shoreline.

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