Sunday, 20 October 2013


Gerry Hat-trick?

He was just an old man in a cap,
Wearing sensible glasses:
One of the typical elderlies,
Who haunt the 'non-league';
Somebody's father, I suppose,
One of the durable masses,
Merely an ordinary senior:
A concession, a pensioner, the epitome of life's fatigue...

Yet his soft, grumbling nature proceeded to snap, 
Revealing an aggressive streak:
Yelled obscenities at an opposing player-
Gesticulating, with vehement expletives;
Somebody's grandad, I suppose,
Whose life has aged to bleak,
But merely a profane antagonist, I contend:
A blasphemer, a savage, the antithesis of passive...

October, 2013

An elderly, quite respectable chap suddenly became verbally violent and abusive at an opposing player in a crowd of under 200 at Coalville. 

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