Friday, 13 September 2013



Christ, exulted, in marble gleamed...
White prevalent, perhaps blessing the passer-by;
Gingerly He caressed a tall, pallid, gold-tipped cross,
Flanked by two priests, kneeling before their Lord: but
The imagery, on closer inspection, 
May not have portrayed what at first it seemed... 

Those hooded Disciplants of St John the Baptist,
Grey, threatening, cast in gloom,
Leered from cowls, eyes bright in black,
Insane, almost, as praying hands clutched rope:
Three strands, in anticipation
Of worship and self-flagellation
And bloodletting and scarring in salvation's hope...

The hooded priests depicted over the entrance to some kind of cloistered chapel in Florence, self-flagellated and the monument was captivating and stunning in its imagery...

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