Saturday, 27 July 2013


View From Above: The Puzzle

Plastic square:
Fifteen numbered, linked tiles, or inlays
In a small puzzle, with one space
To permit sliding, slotting,
Jumbling and encumbering,
Deflating and frustrating,
Until the figures and pattern
Have been successfully altered,
Changing totally the scrambled displays...

Black mountain:
Numerous cultivated, arable mosaics, or fields
On a tiny landscape, below distressed cloud,
Which allow slotting and sliding,
Replacing and creating,
Reshaping and titivating,
Until the shapes and topology
Have been superficially altered,
Changing completely what geography yields...


View from an airliner's window, flying over Europe towards Zakynthos. I felt I could have slotted different bits around, like the numbers on a 1-15 hand-held puzzle I played with a lot as a child.
And became frustrated with...

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