Saturday, 27 July 2013



I remember when mum's washing-line sagged,
Stretched at its anchoring points;
Slack, a drooping wire,
Heavy with sodden garments, dank and dire:
...that was how my mood dropped on Tuesdays;

The Geography lesson. Fear.
Lazenbury, 'Slasher', relishing being cruel:
The forty minute dictatorial bastard.
The gloomy cellars, the fearsome 1960s gruel...

The languishing, acrid, basement stink of glue. Boiled.
Ward, 'Scab', salivating anew:
The double-period woodwork custody.
The doom of irksome metalwork due...

The weekday from the depths of misery,
The fear, the loosening of bowels,
The timidity,
The Tuesday purgatory;
The terror, the releasing of bowels,
The incapability...
The barbarity,
The Tuesday inevitability,
The nausea, the twisting of bowels, 
The senility...

Thus... spirits drooped on schoolday Tuesdays...

(JULY 2013)

Year 7, underground woodwork and metalwork with the creepy 'Scab' Ward, plus dinner-room, glue-reeking gloom.

Geography with an evil, clueless bully of a teacher, 'Slasher' Lazenbury.
Tuesday fear, my heart sinking like mum's tired washing-line...

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