Saturday, 27 July 2013


At Loggerheads With A Turtle

Standing waist-deep in inoffensive, breeze-dashed ocean,
Unencumbered sun flicking at glistening shoulders,
We glimpsed a dark shape, lingering,
Loitering a chain away, submerged just a foot
And with breath held, eyes keen,
We saw a yellowish head emerge,
Shake free
And breathe...

Dark eye remarkable
For its consternation,
Before that expression
Dipped its fascination
Below surface blue
And out of view,
To continue the languid
Absorption of solar warmth
To a huge carapace...
And like disciples,
We followed, in
Praise and wonder
Of such a rarity,
A mouth-watering temptation...

Treading water, deep in darkening ocean,
Engendered thrill in cool, tensing shoulders
And we marvelled at the dim shape, lurking,
Languishing a few yards away, submerged just inches
And with breath held, eyes agog,
We felt hearts race, gazes keen;
Loggerheads free
To thrive...


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